Hey, Hello, Hi

I am a newbie to blogging so bear with me as I stumble at the inevitable hurdles and make all the rookie mistakes. I thought I would give a short intro as to why I thought I would start writing and sharing some thoughts and ideas through Sty-El.

I graduated with a degree in Fashion in 2019. After what had been the most intense, high-pressure yet amazing few years of my life, I felt lost and without purpose in the months after leaving art college. Like many graduates, there is a looming uncertainty and pressure to feel like you have a plan, whether it is long term or just for a few months. This was the first time in my life I had felt like I had no clue what was coming next. Your 20s are bizarre – figuring out where you fit amongst an industry you have always aspired to work within, can be extremely challenging.

After a few months, I was fortunate to secure an opportunity within a large fashion brand which was a valuable experience. I met many great people and it taught me a lot about the realities of working within fashion. Fast forward to March 2020 and like most of the world my existence changed overnight. I found myself jobless, back in my childhood bedroom and lacking a purpose within 24 hours. This is by no means a personal sob story – I was hugely fortunate to have a very supportive network of people and having a brother working at the front line of the NHS always keeps me grounded and extremely grateful. The reality for me was that I had felt I was slowly, steadily on a path towards something and then all of a sudden, back to square one. 

It will sound cliche, but I do believe everything happens for a reason. After a couple of weeks feeling detached from myself and reality, I decided a self-set task would give me purpose. I hoped this would challenge me and could maybe inspire others in some way.

Something I have struggled with a lot, is defining fashion’s relevance and purpose during times like these. In many regards, it feels like the least important industry amidst a time of great anxiety and loss. I mean, who is buying clothes right now?! (apart from some brands promoting the latest ‘must have’ loungewear set – please stop). I also fear that for an industry already under such scrutiny for its sustainability and ethics, what further cracks could be revealed during a global pandemic? The fragility of the industry was already visible, and I fear for the future amongst these difficult times.

However, fashion has been a love of mine ever since I could crawl, stealing all of the shoes and hats in my house to personally hoard (for inspirational purposesses, I’m sure). Lately, my relationship with the subject has become muddled and messy. I hope to find some direction amongst this confusing sphere. I want to explore fashion’s role within today’s society and how this can be harnessed for collective good. I hope this can be thoughtful and relevant whilst also fun.

So, that’s that, lets see what happens!

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